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Padel Racket supernova attack adidas

The most striking feature of the SUPERNOVA range of adidas padel rackets is the material ALUTEX FIBRE. The flexibility of ALUTEX brings comfort to your game. The  100% carbon frame gives the padel racket the necessary rigidity during play. The combination of ALUTEX and 100% carbon frame make this a padel racket that is extremely comfortable to use and with excellent power.

  • Weight: 365 grams
  • Width: 38mm
  • Frame protector: YES
  • Power: 10
  • Control: 9

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  • The SMART HOLES of the adidas SUPERNOVA padel range have an equidistant distribution in groups of three, improving the durability of this padel racket.
  • The SUPERNOVA ATTK padel racket stands out for its great comfort and excellent power in your attacking play. It is intended for the Advanced level adidas padel player.
  • PROTECTOR TAPE 3M: the best protection for the SUPERNOVA. Equip your padel racket with adequate protection against impact in accordance with its quality. Achieve a high level of resistance to impact of both the frame and the protection accessory itself.
  • The SUPERNOVA ATTK padel racket incorporates POWER EMBOSSED RIDGE technology:  lateral ribs that help maintain a uniform structure when the racket is subjected to the considerable stresses associated with high speed impacts.
  • Weight 365 grams
  • Width 38mm
  • Frame protector YES
  • Power 10
  • Control 9