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The aim of the adidas P500 padel racket is to achieve great comfort, with minimal vibration, by means of the technology incorporated in this racket: adidas padel STRUCTURAL POWER.

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  • STRUCTURAL POWER is a fibre insert located in the heart of the padel racket which, forming part of the structure, creates a connection point between the frame and the face of the racket. It gives the structure greater rigidity.
  • The 100% carbon frame provides the racket with the necessary rigidity during play which, together with the surface fibres, means that this padel racket is both very comfortable to play with and also provides great power.
  • The SMART HOLES of the P500 range have an equidistant distribution in groups of three, improving the durability of this adidas padel racket.
  • The EVEN balance provides a wide sweet spot, centred in the core of the padel racket. It allows great control of the ball and handling, allowing you to direct the shots with great precision.